Friday, July 1, 2011

They just continue to grow. And bud. And bloom.

They just continue to grow. And there are even buds, so I am waiting for the flowers to bloom.  I 'm talking about my cacti, that are far, far from where they grow naturally in the desert, here in what has been the coolest spring, in Michigan.  I took them in the house over the winter. I didn't water them, well, maybe once or twice, and then put them outside for the summer. Then I give them lots of water, and this year, they got lots of rain.  And they continue to grow. And bud. And bloom.

I have always wished to live in Arizona. That is where we visited my great aunt and uncle when I was young.  I long for the sunshine and warmth. I get so achy in the cold. But I live here in Michigan, far, far from the sunshine. But also far, far from my mom and dad in Minnesota, where I grew up, and far, far from my two sisters and their families.  But I continue to grow, and bloom. God put me here. So may I fulfill His purpose in doing that. He waters me and makes me grow. And bud. And bloom.

I am Blooming where God planted me. To Him be the glory!

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